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August Task by DarkLaviLover
August Task
Sorry for the shitty ass doodle but i have not had a real moment to do this task how i wanted to do it (drop of terror will wait for another day), so here's Kat doing her Coffin Duty task. 

(With this switching jobs I'm so exhausted and so is Kat.) 
Kats App. by DarkLaviLover
Kats App.
(here we go again with new things!)

Kats last appearance before joining the Carnival was somewhere in London, but no one knows what she was doing there.

Name: Kat

Age: Looks 20 something (unknown really)
Gender: It (answers mostly to female pronouns)
Species: Puppet/doll
Nationality: Irish
Job: Puppeter/coffin duty (pending on Drop of Terror)

Abilities: Can control anyone by making an exact replica puppet of them (except Terrance and TerTer as they just burst into flames)
She can only control about 4-6 puppets at Max. but usually only controls 2 or 3. Her body/hat are basically bags of holdings (beware).

She can't die no matter how hard she tries (even if you were to tear her apart and put each of her body parts in different parts of the world, each part would still move around and be "alive" and have its version of Kats thoughts) Kat's body is not indestructible but it is very replaceable. Being made of fabric does that to you. 

Personality: Kat is a bubbly airhead. She asks a lot of questions about basic things and easily forgets a lot of things. Her attention span is very short most of the time, but it is possible to have a lengthy conversation with her if you talk slowly. Her favorite color is black. Her body parts fall off a lot and she never notices unless its her leg and she can't walk around and even then she's oblivious. Kat rarely gets angry or frustrated or sad as those emotions just aren't in her repetoir. She randomly will slip into Gaelic so just roll with it. Kat is constantly trying to kill herself/injure herself as she doesn't understand how she exists (aka she is conscious that she's a puppet). She is afraid of fire but will still play with it (please don't test this). She is absolutely in love with Terrance as she thinks he's the only one who can kill her (which is up for debate really)

Background: Not much is known about Kat's backstory as if you were to ask her, she wouldn't know what to say. She doesn't remember anything. (she barely remembers last week, you expect her to remember where she came from?) She does occasionally remember small things like ingredients to potions long forgotten/not in use or being extremely sad for no reason (which is out of character for her fyi). Occasionally you might hear Kat scream really loudly, thats a memory coming back to her, if you want to know about her past, thats the best time to ask...but only if you understand Gaelic cause thats what she's screaming it in.

(More to be added here as Keir is trying to help Kat regain her memories!) 

Random facts about Kat:  
-Loves Number 4 and her crazy ideas.
-She hates it when someone spells her name wrong or mistakes her for the cat 'Masochist'.
-She doesn't understand laughter so she hates it when people laugh. (especially CHILDREN)
-If she happens to be walking alone, she'll start singing all the verses of "London bridge is falling down" in a creepy kind of tune and doesn't stop until she gets to the end. 
-She's Naturally dis-proportioned because she was made that way.

Fantasy (digital redraw) by DarkLaviLover
Fantasy (digital redraw)
I went and tried out a palette to see if i could figure out how to do them...i think i did pretty well. This is a digital version of…

Characters belong to me 
The Odditorium
aka Kats theme song. 

So here's the project i've been working on for the past week! I'm not sure what I was going for in the first place but it ended up sort of being a show that Kat would put on

the song is: The Odditorium by Circus Contraption found here…
Kats breaking out by DarkLaviLover
Kats breaking out
(sure she is)
Basically Kat's a puppet as you all know. She can "play dead" easily, i mean she's a puppet she shouldn't be alive in the first place. So when she "goes" to check on how her arm is progressing (thanks Keir), her "lifeless body" was thrown out by the trash because "who the hell arrests a puppet?" 

Poor Kat, she lost her shoe in there ;^;


DarkLaviLover has started a donation pool!
591 / 5,000
I'm just trying to collect points so I can give them away to random folks who need 'em~

I'd love do do art and writing for points to I suppose "earn" the points, plus it looks like fun and it's great practice :3
So I'm starting off low on prices'cause ya know, I'm new at this~

:bulletred: 10 :points:: Basic Character Sketch (add 3pts for additional characters)
:bulletorange: 10 :points:: Character Line Art (add 3pts for additional characters)
:bulletyellow: 20 :points:: Character Coloring[basic colors and shading] (add 3pts for additional characters)
:bulletgreen: 30 :points:: Character Coloring [basic colors and shading] plus colored background (add 3pts for additional characters)
:bulletblue: 15 :points:: For a 500 word short story about a character of your choice (add 2 pts for additional characters)
:bulletpurple: 20 :points:: For a 1000 or more word story about a character of your choice (add 2 pts for additional characters)

Just drop me a note if you want one~:3

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Your Royal Shortness
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Recently I've been working on my drawing skills a lot~ I love to draw just about anything and sometimes I do some photography. I hope to one day get my manga up and running, with the help of my friends; and I also hope that I never stop liking to create art.
My (DA) family :3 join it~
My sanity/life/soul - :iconkaitoutwilight:
Secret Lover - :icontheoutsanityshoppe:

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
Current Residence: TeRorcArnIvaL
deviantWEAR sizing preference: meduim-small
Favourite genre of music: everything?
Favourite style of art: Manga style is nice, Furry/Anthro is fun, Digital Art is lovely and Traditional art is beautiful.
MP3 player of choice: my small, powder blue, ipod shuffle
Favourite cartoon character: Doug :3
Personal Quote: Life is like a game of chess, Win or Lose, it was well played.
  • Mood: Distressed
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  • Watching: fma amv's
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: water
A lot of shit has been going down at my house this week. I'm finally getting a transmission for my car and then getting my license right after. Thats this friday. I'm waiting for a call back for a job this week (where i hopefully won't feel like i need to kill myself after every shift).

Today (tuesday), my dads department got laid off. everyone except him and one other person. This lay off thing has been happening for over 5 years and he's surprised that he's lasted this long. And its always stressful. He came home early and he only ever talks about money anyway so now its just worse.

On a happy note I was reminded yesterday, by a two middle school girls, why it is that I wanted to be an artist. They asked for commissions and then proceeded to draw for an hour after we talked. They had told me they were inspired by my art and I haven't felt that way in a long while. I think i'll be putting up some of my more recent work because of those two (i have like 50 pages of art to choose from that i haven't uploaded)

So on that note. As of now I am taking commissions and art trades.

Full body Sketches: 10$ (with Shading 12$)
Lenia by DarkLaviLover

Full body w/background Sketches: 15-20$ (with shading (17-22$)
Imprisoned by DarkLaviLover
 Add a character for 7$ 
Fantasy by DarkLaviLover

If you want full or partial color just ask. It'll probably add about 5$ to whatever it is. I'm not at a point where I do digital work yet because i can't afford a damn tablet and my mouse skills aren't quite there yet.

I have 5 spots open for Commissions

and 5 for Art Trades
1) :iconterminallyapathetic:
2) :icontheoutsanityshoppe:

Just comment below if you would like either! I would love to get back in the swing of things and this I think is my first time doing commissions ever (ack I need a paypal don't I)

Hope to see some of you at K-con (Dunno who I'm going as yet don't ask I'm broke).


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mhpumpkin10 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o: i dont have time to comment on all of them but i wanna say that those deviations you submitted all look so great! I love the colored ones, the posing looks so fluid u.u!! It's really inspiring to try out new things because holy heck they look great! Awesome job u0u!! <3
DarkLaviLover Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much mhp ;^; I've been avoiding posting anything for a while 'cause i haven't felt like i've been improving but i decided "why the hell not" 
Coloring is a new thing for me i have no idea what I'm doing (also colored pencils are evil i've decided xD)  
mhpumpkin10 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o gosh ye i feel that but uploading is always good for feedback u.u!

and ya coloring is mega hard but the practice pays off and colORED pencils are so hard tbh i havent used them in soooOOO long
DarkLaviLover Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah i'm noticing that its actually really awesome to see people fav or comment! ;^; feedback is a wonderful thing

oh man i should get like prismas or paints or something cause colored pencils are difficult :/ 
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FrozenTimez Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
guess who (ノ⊙‿⊙)ノ
DarkLaviLover Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I wonder who you could possibly be xD
FrozenTimez Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
...who knows :iconheplz:
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Thank you for watch~:love:
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You are very welcome~ :3
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